10 Must Read Lesser Known Facts

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So boys and girls,grab your popcorn and sit back to know 10  really interesting facts

        1. Kangaroo
          Did you know, Kangaroos cannot walk backwards!

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      2 Rabbits and Parrots
      Did you know that rabbits and parrots can see what is behind them without turning their heads

    1. 3 Hands and Feet Bones
      Hands and feet have more than half of the bones in the human body
    2. 4.Apple Floats on Water
      Have you ever put an apple into the water and noticed the apple float? Yes, apples float on water. It is because apples are made of 25 percent air!


  1. 5.The Number 4
    The number four – is the only number that has the same number of alphabets/ letters.
  2. 6.Inhale
    Did you know that you cannot talk and inhale or vice versa. When you speak, you will not be able to inhale. Give it a try?
  3. 7 Honey
    Did you know that there is no expiry date to honey! The edible food remains good forever until used otherwise, like using a wet spoon!
  4. 8.Lipsticks
    Lipsticks are not vegan cosmetics! More than 95 percent of lipsticks contain fish scales!
  5. 9 Chew, chew and chew your food!

    You may not know how delicious your food is unless it is mixed with saliva! Salivary glands include the taste buds and help you identify the taste!
    The more you chew it, the more you enjoy delicious foods!

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    10.Jellyfish, or jellies
    as scientists call them, are not fish. They have no brain, no heart, and no bones.

So guys, these were some interesting facts.
If you know any more of them, share it with us in the comment section!

Now work harder and you will achieve your dream faster!

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