21 School Memories Which You Will Never Forget

1. Getting a brand-new geometry box was the only good thing about the end of the summer.

And that’s also when Nataraj suddenly became everyone’s best friend.

2. This is how you decided whether someone deserved your friendship, love, affection, marriage, enmity, or sisterhood.

3. This was the No. 1 use of doorways in your house:

4. You caused your middle finger some serious harm trying to get good at this:

5. And you knew the first line of every song, from all your bus antakshari sessions.

6. This was the secret of your energy.

Star Plus / Boost / Via youtube.com

Unless, of course, you were one of these people:

Complan / Via youtube.com

Or into one of these:

EMD Home Products / emdhomeproducts.com
Shop Hop / shophop.co.in

7. Your birthday = a reason to wear your nicest outfit to school and hand out candy to everyone.

Wikimedia Commons / commons.wikimedia.org
Exporters India / exportersindia.com

8. This was the most delicious thing that anyone could possibly cook in two minutes:

Kukuchku / Via kukuchku.com

Seriously, every time you saw this happen on TV, you needed it to happen for you in real life.

Maggi / Via youtube.com

9. “Elemenopee” was the longest letter in the alphabet.

Zazzle / Via zazzle.com

10. Power cuts were a glorious time when you were exempt from doing homework and had no choice but to go outside and play in the dark.

Caught At 3rd Man / Via caughtat3rdman.blogspot.com

11. At some point, you were chased around the house by your mother trying to put oil in your hair.

Parachute / Via youtube.com

12. Thanks to your various school uniforms, you know words like “culottes” and “pinafores.”

Wikipedia / Via en.wikipedia.org

Unless you had one of these stiff-dupatta uniforms.

World Is Round / Via worldisround.com

Either way, “color dress” or “free dress” days were the best days.

St. Joseph’s Indian School / Via stjosephsindianschool.wordpress.com

13. You learned patience by waiting for your sparklers to light on Diwali.

David Levantis / Via davidlevantis.com

(That patience came in handy while reloading this questionable toy.)

  Via facebook.com

14. And you honed your reflexes by dodging water balloons on Holi.

15. “Akar bakar Bombay bo…”

90s Childhood Memories / Via facebook.com

16. These were the most superior “soft drinks.”

Indo-Chinese Market / indochinesemarket.com
Wikipedia / en.wikipedia.org

17. These men were in your living room more often than most of your family was.

Hagen Hopkins / Stringer / Via Getty Images

18. There was nothing in the world as mouth-meltingly soft as a Marie Biscuit dipped in hot chai.

And getting the biscuit to your mouth before it broke off and fell in the chai was the greatest challenge of your childhood.


And getting the biscuit to your mouth before it broke off and fell in the chai was the greatest challenge of your childhood.

19. Amar Chitra Katha’s Birbal was the smartest person you’d ever heard of.

Amar Chitra Katha / Via firstcry.com

And this guy was the stupidest:

Tinkle Comics / Via indiagetseverythingfree.org

20. You could recognize this kid anywhere:

PTI Foods / Via ptifoods.com

21. Lastly Touching your distant relatives’ feet was an investment well worth the returns.

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