Short Notes & Video Lectures:Chemical Reactions & Equations

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What is a Chemical Reaction?

Interaction of two or more chemicals that produces one or more new chemical compounds, or changes the properties of the mixed chemicals.

Physical Change: Change in only physical properties, no change in the identity of the substance.
Examples: Boiling,condensation,melting , etc

Chemical Change: Atoms of the same or different elements are rearranged to form on new substance.
Examples: Melting of sugar in water, Baking of a cake.


Chemical Equation: Symbolic Representation of any Chemical Equation.

Key Features:
1.Reactants(substance that undergo chemical reaction) are written on the left hand side & products(formed after the chemical reaction) are written on the right hand side with a plus sign between them.
2.The arrow head points towards the product and indicates the direction of the reaction

Balanced Chemical Equation

Number of atoms of each element on both the sides of the equation.

Types Of Chemical Reaction

There are 4 types of chemical reaction

Law of Conservation of Mass

Mass can neither be created nor be destroyed in a chemical reaction


Some Important Definitions

1. Corrosion: Process of reacting of metal with atmospheric gases.
This can be prevented by painting, oiling greasing ,etc

2.Rancidity: Reaction of oil or fats in food resulting in bad taste or smell
This can be prevented by adding anti-oxidants or vacuum packing.

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