Control and Coordination, Important Questions For Board Exams



1. Where is auxin synthesized in plants ?

2. Which gland is known as master gland ?

3. Name the hormone that regulates blood sugar level.

4. What is synapse ?

5. What are tropic movements ?

6. Which part of the brain is responsible for maintaining posture and balance of our body ?

7. Which hormone has inhibiting effects on growth of plants ?

8. What is phototropism ? Switch off Feedback sent

9. What are the components of central nervous system ?

10. What happens at synapse between two neurons ?


1. Draw a labelled diagram of neuron.

2. What is reflex arc ? Explain with the help of flow chart.

3. What is the cause of diabetes ? How it can be controlled ?

4. Why is it advisable to use iodised salt ?

5. What are sensory and motor neurons ? Write their functions.

6. Why is Abscisic acid called as stress hormone ?

7. What is the need for a system of control and coordination in an organization ?


1. What are plant hormones ? Name a plant hormone that promotes growth in plants.

2. What is the significance of tropic movements in plants ? Explain any two types of
tropic movements.

3. Which hormone is known as emergency hormone in our body ? How it helps in coping
during emergency ?

4. Where are different receptors present in our body ? What are their functions ?


1. Draw a labelled diagram of human brain and state the functions of its different parts.

2. What are hormones ? Give the name of associated gland and functions of different
animal hormones.

3. What is feedback mechanism ? Explain its working with the help of one example.

4. (a) How brain and spinal cord are protected ?
(b) What are the different parts of human nervous system ?
(c) What are the limitations of nervous system ?


Rahul’s aunt is obese. She is very fond of eating sweets and junk food. She feels very
thirsty and passes excess of urine. She got herself examined by the doctor. Doctor told
her not to eat sweet things and exercise regularly. He prescribed some medicines also.
Rahul helped her to follow doctor’s advice.
Now answer the following questions :
(a) Which disease is she suffering from ? Name the hormone responsible for this.
(b) What values are displayed by Rahul ?

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