Foundation Course Class IX

Many important concepts like Probability in Maths, Laws of Motion in Science, French Revolution in Social Science and many more are introduced in Class-IX. Fundamental understanding of the subject at this stage is must  to excel in the career option of your choice.

For instance, India’s most followed and difficult career path i.e. to be an IAS , (UPSC Civil Services Exam) is completely based on the fundamentals of CLASS VI-X. It shows how important it is to know and understand the subject at this stage.

Also, other career options like Engineering, Medical Sciences, Masters in Sciences etc. are build on the concepts of 9th and 10th class.

We have taken an initiative to help students create interest in the learning process at this stage with the help of video lectures and real-time interaction with educator and peers. The educators of this initiative will be:

  1. Ritesh Singh (IIT Delhi Graduate)
  2.  Apoorv Mishra ( AIR- 654 UPSC Civil Services Exam)
  3. Richa Choudhary (DCE-Graduate)

The details of this initiative are:


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