Foundation Course for JEE, NEET, NTSE, OLYMPIAD and CBSE Preparation

Eckovation have taken an initiative for Class 9 and Class 10 Students to help students create interest in the learning process at this stage with the help of video lectures and real-time interaction with educator and peers.

Why is it important for you to join this initiative?

Many important concepts like Probability in Maths, Electricity in Physics,  Atomic Structure in Chemistry, Laws of Motion in Science, French Revolution in Social Science and many more are introduced in Class-IX and Class X. Fundamental understanding of the subject at this stage is must  to excel in the career option of your choice.

For instance, India’s most followed and difficult career path i.e. to be an IAS , (UPSC Civil Services Exam) is completely based on the fundamentals of CLASS VI-X. It shows how important it is to know and understand the subject at this stage.

Also, other career options like Engineering, Medical Sciences, Masters in Sciences etc. are build on the concepts of 9th and 10th class.

For Class IX Students :

 For Class X Students :

About the Foundation Course for Class IX and Class X Students:

Course provides interactive online classes of Maths, Science and Social Science.

  1. Course has been designed by the team of ex-IITians for the students studying in Class IX and Class X
  2. The entire syllabus of Class X is covered by means of online lectures, study material, doubt discussions and test papers


Based on Latest Pattern (2017-2018)

Course is designed keeping in mind the requirements of new board examination pattern and for preparation of the Scholarship and Competitive Exams at All India Level

Maximising understanding

Interesting, interactive and innovative ways to organize lectures and study material are used to make learning process easy for students. Class X is considered as the base of academic achievements of any student. Eckovation platform provides video tutorials with illustrations of fundamental concepts for better understanding at this basic level.

Discussion groups

The integral part of learning is easy connectivity between teachers, parents and students. This course has been designed to provide personalised and comfortable discussion of students & their Parents with teachers.

Teachers from IIT

The Educators will be IIT Alumni and will present concepts in simplified form

Personalised Attention

We provide personalized, specific & concrete feedback and attention to every student. Continuous Individual Assessment is ensured through regular tutorials, take home assignments, and All India test series.

For Class IX Students :

For Class X Students :


1) Graphical Illustration: Difficult and very important concepts like Bohr’s Model, Trignometry, Electricity and Magnetism etc. are explained in the simplest way with help of videos

2) 24×7 discussion: Availability of teacher as and when doubt comes in mind. Don’t keep your doubts with you! Share it with us.

3) Proper Assessment and Feedback: Weekly and monthly All India Tests will help you analyse your performance. We will provide you feedback on the basis of your performance and help you strengthen your weak areas.


FEE DETAILS :  INR 599 for complete 1 year course

CONTACT :  +91-8447008309

For Class IX Students :

For Class X Students :

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