Free Cyber Awareness Certification Course by Cyber Experts

Stay Safe! Today the biggest challenge for you is to remain updated with recent technology and still protect yourself from the increasing cyber threat.

Even though cyber bullying is as prevalent in society as any other form of abuse, not as much importance is given to educating people about the prevention and the care for victims of cyber abuse. Only when games like the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ become popular, people are forced to acknowledge the threat that is looming in everyone’s living room.

Why you need Cyber Security Awareness Training


Internet has changed everything. Quick adoption of the technology by businesses and enterprises has made mobile-banking, on-line shopping, on-line trading and social networking possible. Its many benefits help the business growth by creating new opportunities.

However, Internet is not altogether a safe place because its anonymity also harbours cybercriminals. They have found ways and means to launch cyber-attacks on banks, large financial and manufacturing organisations, industries, even other nations. Their motives are financial gain, or ill-concieved patriotism or notorioty or just sheer destructive fun.

Cyber Attack Vs Terrorism

The architecture of the Internet was designed to promote connectivity, not security. Cyber experts warn that the more technologically advanced and wired a nation is, the more vulnerable it is to a cyber-attack. Cyber attack has an interesting parallel to terrorism.

•   Both are asymmetric.

•   Ensuring security of data, information, and communication is considerably harder than hacking into a system.

•   The attacker has an inherent advantage in both conventional terrorism and cyber attacks.

•   In the case of state-sponsored attacks, the challenges are of a much higher magnitude.

How to join free Cyber Awareness Course

Eckovation has taken an initiative to help  us take preventive measures to save ourselves from CYBER THREAT. The short course of just 2 hours provide training and certification to save you from Monetary Losses, Depression, life threats, threats to organisations etc.

To Join the Free Learning Group on Cyber Security Awareness: Click Here

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