How TO Handle Stress At an Interview?

So, you have been selected for an Interview?


You may be feeling slightly terrified about the big day, bad thoughts flooding your mind. whether it’s ‘What if I forget things that I have learned when I’m asked a question?’,

1 .what if I  start to stutter?’  

2. what if I get lost on the way there?

3. what if my mind goes blank?’ 

Sure, they may be unlikely scenarios, but that doesn’t stop you from worrying.

To help you officially de-stress, here are some of the best ways to battle interview nerves and make sure you stay confident, here are some tips to follow

Relax, breathe, and take your time

So you’ve arrived at an interview and are nervous;

your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. But we digress – to put it simply, interviews are a scary ordeal.

But whilst anxiousness is inevitable, it can be controlled with a few simple words – Breathe. Relax. And, Repeat.

With this in mind, pay attention to your body language (ensuring you’re maintaining eye contact, are sitting up straight, and resisting the urge to fidget) slow your speech down.

Take the time to think through your answers before you say them. Pausing for thought is always a good idea.

It’s also important to focus on the positives to help you relax.

You’ve been invited to an interview for a reason.

You’ve obviously done something right, and the good news is, they already like you, so awkward interview moments aside, what could go wrong?

Even if you aren’t offered the job, there are many ways to take interview rejection as a great opportunity to learn and improve.


Nail your interview answers

Many people make the mistake of trying to ’wing it’ when it comes to interviews.

However, even if you feel as though the ‘risk taker’ approach works best for you. Struggling to respond to a question you haven’t prepared for won’t do anything for your stress levels. More importantly, it won’t get you the job.

To avoid awkward silences by preparing potential answers a few days in advance.

That way you’ll have a clear, unstressed head to store all your newfound knowledge. You’ll have to worry about the night before will be a quick refresh and an early night


Remember that your interviewers are actually human

Forget about the formalities and remember: your interviewer/s are just human

So, chances are, they might be nervous too.

A few mind-easing facts for you: they are able to feel human emotions. They often understandably aware of interviewees being slightly anxious on the day.

Interviewers also understand that people sometimes make mistakes, and won’t judge you if you slip up once or twice as a result of nerves

Final thoughts

The main thing to remember about keeping calm during an interview is: don’t stress about being stressed, or you’ll just get more stressed.

As long as you’ve done enough interview preparation beforehand, and you follow these simple tips on the day, we have no doubt that your irrational interview fears will be a thing of the past.

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