How to become a TOPPER?

Getting recognised as ‘TOPPER’ is a dream for most of us. In this article, I’ll share some tried and proven strategy to work smartly and become a topper of your class/school.

Create interest in all the Subjects

To be a topper it is important to give equal importance to all the subjects. Some of us likes Maths, they’ll keep practicing maths and ignore other subjects. And some hates maths, they’ll just not make an effort to create interest in maths. At this stage of Class VI- XII it is important to explore each subject with equal inputs.

“More you practice more you learn”


The most important thing is SMART STUDY. So, How to do Smart Study to become topper?

1) Have a DAILY AND WEEKLY TARGET : Divide your syllabus broadly and list out things you need to do this week. Then think your aim of the day (make sure your targets are realistic). Unrealistic/ bad strategy will give you discouragement and Realistic strategy will give you motivation! Once you’ll start achieving your daily and weekly objectives, It will give you a sense of satisfaction and this habit will become your life-time strength.

2) Share your Doubts: Don’t keep your doubts with. Try sharing them asap with your teacher/ peers. You can share it here also.

3) Practice More and More question: More you practice and lesser will be the chance that you make any mistake in exam. So practice from length and breadth of the topic.

4) Analysis: Give tests at All India Level. This will prepare you for coming competitive examinations. It will also help you ANALYSE YOUR STRENGTH AND WEAKNESS.

“Topper is not different, he studies differently”

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