Important Questions of Electrostatics for Class XII (12) Board Exam

The Chapter Electrostatics are very important chapter for Class XII (12) board exam and the person who are going to complete the questions given below can ensure full marks in this chapter. So without delay, go ahead and complete the full preparation of the chapter.

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Very Short Answer Type of Questions ( 1 Marks Questions) of Electrostatics

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Short Answer Type of Questions ( 2 Marks Questions) of Electrostatics

Short Answer Type of Questions ( 3 Marks Questions) of Electrostatics

Long Answer Type of Questions ( 5 Marks Questions) of Electrostatics

Chapter 1 – Electronic Charges and Field

Important Topics:

1. Coulomb’s Law
2. Forces between multiple charges electric field due to system of charges
3. Electric dipole’s electric field on axial and equatorial point
4. Electric dipole in external electric field
5. Gauss’s law applications


a) The mention topics are based on basic Coulomb’s force and electric field due to charges.
b) Numericals from applications of Gauss law, forces between system of charges and Electric field due to system of charges are asked very frequently.
c) Tracing electric field lines for monopole, dipole or system of charges is a very interesting as well as important topic.
d) Straight forward derivations are asked as Short Answers-II for torque experienced by dipoles, electric field due to dipole on both axial and equatorial points.
e) It is also advised to make a small summary for results obtained by application of Gauss law for quick review.


Chapter 2 – Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance

Important Topics:

1. Potential due to electric dipole and system of charges 2. Electric potential energy due to electric dipole and system of charges
3. Equipotential surfaces
4. Effect of dielectric on capacitors
5. Combinations of capacitors
6. Energy stored in capacitors


a) The unit provides a good weightage to the numericals and direct derivations, so it is advised that no topic should be skipped.
b) Derivations or topics like energy stored in the capacitors, potential due to electric dipole and potential energy of system of charges are frequently asked.
c) Both Short Answers and Long Answer numericals are asked to calculate the potential energy due to system of charges.
d) Complex combinations of capacitors are given to evaluate the effective capacitance or charge on plates. Do intensive study of the topic.
e) Tracing equipotential surface for dipole or system of charges is an important an interesting topic. very short questions are asked from this topic.

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