Padhte Chalo, Badhte Chalo: An initiative by IITians for changing pattern of education system in India

The way Bihar Board Exam Result is trending in news from last 3 years, it has ruined the name of the state and the education system system of the country. Meanwhile, IIT Delhi Students took an initiative to provide Quality Education to all for FREE. They have prepared a model in which the student who religiously follow the learning group and give only 1 hr per day to this learning group will achieve success in Board Examination.

1 hr per Day = 1st Division in Board Exams

Ritesh Singh (IIT Delhi Graduate), who belongs to Chapra, Bihar says, ” It is very unfortunate to see this kind of degradation in level of Education System in Bihar. Remaining dependent on Government for this will only deepen and delay the issue. I’m sure this effort along with the help of government will definitely reach the people and eliminate this problem from roots.”

With the help of India’s fastest growing Social Learning Platform, Eckovation , Quality Education will be delivered to each and every student of Bihar. The power of penetration of mobile cannot be ignored, Digital India will start this time from Bihar. The time has come when Bihar will introduce the world to a new model of Education System

Ritesh’s message to Bihar

Please share this video to maximise the reach of this message. We need all of you to ensure the reach of this initiative to YOUNG BIHAR to make it SUCCESSFUL BIHAR

Padhte Chalo, Badhte Chalo is getting support not only from Ritesh and Bihar but people from all over India are supporting this initiative. Apoorv Mishra who successfully cleared UPSC Civil Services Examination, did not join the service and became part of this initiative. Akshat Goel who left crores of package of Japan and came to India to ensure success of this initiative. Similar is the story for IIT Delhi Graduate Rohit Kumar and DCE Graduate Richa Choudhary who wants to ensure the reach of Quality Education to all. Niranjan Kumar, from Mujafarpur, has also contributed to this digital education initiative.

Let’s try to make this initiative successful by maximising the reach of this free initiative. Please share this post and video.


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Two simple step to join the learning group.
– Download Eckovation App : Click Here
– For CLASS X Join Group Code – 101010 ,  For CLASS XII Join Group Code: 121212

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