How just one quiz can get you through your boards with flying colors!

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

Though there is quite a lot of time for the board exam of class 10th, but we really have to value this time. To be precise we need to start working on each subject religiously.


Now, you have a lot of content with you in the free group of class-X, but to use that content in the best way is to check whether you have understood the topic or not. For that, it is very important to attempt quizzes as it will give you an outlook of the level where you stand & moreover it will give you a chance to your educators to improve you and make things more simpler for you to understand. 

The most important objective of this quiz is to give you the confidence to attempt your exams and get pass in it with good marks

Many people must have told you the importance of board exams & you must be wondering how can you get passed in it with flying colours and make yourself proud.

Here is the solution
All you need to do is to attempt one quiz every week & ask as many doubts as possible in the feed section.

Now you must be having many questions like which quiz ? At what time? and many more.

Here are the answers of all your questions

Which subject will we cover?

Firstly we will cover these 3 subjects,
1. Maths
2 Science
3. Social Science
After this we will eventually take up rest of the subjects.

Why only these subjects?

Because these are the complicated ones but you need not to worry as we will make it simplest for you

What will be the content of the Quiz?

It will contain one chapter of each subject.
That means total of 3 chapters
The quiz will follow the pattern of previous year exam papers

What about the doubts?

When can I attempt the quiz?

Every Sunday at 11:00 AM
The quiz will be live at 11:00 AM , every Sunday.
You can attempt it anytime till midnight of Sunday

What will you get?

First of all and most importantly, your concepts will get clear and you will get the confidence to clear you exam with good marks

Secondly, whosoever will get above average marks will get  Surprise Goodies  from Eckovation


Note: Just in case you are not the part of free group class-10 eckovation(101010) group yet,join by clicking below


So guys, ask your friends to join the group and attempt the quiz.
Lets see who will get the highest marks

Padhte Chalo, Badhte Chalo !

#BadhtechaloBadhtechalo ,– An initiative to help all the Class X Students get access to Quality Education for FREE.

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