How to score more than 90% in English Board Exam

English is one of those subjects in which students are not able to score well easily . But by following these steps regularly students score more than 90% !!



Most students tend to prepare for English examination shortly before the exam date! Instead of ignoring this subject, one must start preparing for it early.

Doing so, will have many advantages. First of all, it will reduce load. Starting early will ensure that one will be dealing with small portions of the subject. While starting preparation late, a student will have to deal with huge portion of subject in very less amount of time. This leads to unnecessary stress. Start early and you’ll be able to prepare well, spot your weaknesses early on and work on them.


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  • Unseen passage: 

    This is an extremely scoring section and needs the least amount of effort comparatively. Read the passage carefully and you will be able to find the links to answer the questions. Solving unseen passages from past board papers/books like U-like, Together With, BBC etc  will be help you.


  • Writing skills:

    Majority of the questions in this section are of 10 marks, divided into 3 marks for format, 4 for content and 3 for fluency and accuracy of English. Look at sample papers, articles from reference books to improve thinking skills and get an idea of presentation. A handy tip for this section is to make a rough column in your answer sheet writing down bullet points of the cause, effect, suggestion of whatever problem you are expected to address in the letter and article and work your way to making paragraphs on them accordingly. The board examiners would much rather prefer an exhaustive article with lots of ideas and inputs by the student than just repetitive arguments in flowery language.


  • Grammar: 

    Practice, practice, practice. Brush up basic rules , attempt as many questions as possible and learn from the mistakes you make. Instead of mugging up Grammar why not try to understand the basics  and fundamentals of the language? For example, by improving vocabulary and Grammar, one will be able to easily form sentences. This will help you to write good essays and answers on your own! You refer to these book – Understanding and using English Grammar by Betty Schrampfer Azar and Wren & Martin.

  • Literature:

    Read all the Chapters and Poems very thoroughly .Try to understand them, don’t mug up! Carry the textbook to school at all times and mark important phrases and paragraphs that you have trouble understanding yourself, take help from your  teachers.  For poems, it is very important for you to understand the each and every line. Having said that, you should also realize that understanding the chapter or poem is not enough as you will be expected to write 7-10 mark answers in the exam. Keeping this in mind, try to attempt past year papers and questions from other reference material and try to frame long answers. Each of these long answers should have an introduction, body and conclusion. Aim for about 150-200 words spread across 3-4 paragraphs. If the word limit is mentioned, do not exceed it!



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Work on your writing skills extensively. Notice different formats used in different sections and stick to them. Take special care of sections like Letter writing, Notice writing, Essay writing, etc. Take special care of formats because they carry 3 marks.

Keep your handwriting tidy and clean. Make use of bullet points, paragraphs and spacing well. Use simple words in your answer sheet. Don’t complicate things up! All this can be achieved by working on writing skills. Make margins on both sides of the answer sheet. This will not only show your neatness but you will have to write less to fill a page.


Many times, it happens that students run short on time, and as a result, are not able to completely attend all the questions. This can be overcome by working on time management. If you are not able to deal with a particular section well, move on to the next section. You may later attempt that left over section in the end. Also focus on writing faster, without sacrificing much on the quality of your handwriting! Usually, before the exam starts, students are given few minutes’ time to go through the question paper. During this time, go through the questions, spot questions that you will be able to deal with easily and make a plan about how you will approach the paper. Start with sections that you are really comfortable dealing with.


Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter how you have performed in previous examinations, everyone has a clean slate in the board exams and sometimes even the best of students get a low aggregate because of English while the weakest of students do well. So do not think you are any less than students scoring well throughout.  Follow the above mentioned steps and you’ll be able to score more than 90% easily!


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