Short Notes – Agriculture

What is agriculture ?

Agriculture refers to the human activity of cultivating crops and plantation for production of food and goods such as fibers, animal feed etc . Agri meaning the land and culture meaning to cultivate or tend.


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Types Of Farming

1. Commercial Farming- Commercial farming crops are those crops which are grown to sell in the market.

2. Subsistence Farming-  Subsistence farming crops are those crops which are grown mainly for the farmers family need .

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Cropping Pattern

Cropping pattern means there are different ways of growing crops. These different ways can be used to give maximum benefit.

Cropping season

India has three cropping season :


2. Zaid

3. Rabi


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Categories of Crops in India

1.Food grains

2. Commercial Crops

3. Plantation Crops

4. Horticulture

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Food Security

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Contribution Of Agriculture To The National Economy

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