Short Notes and Video Lectures : Control and Co-ordination (Endocrine System)

Endocrine or Hormonal System in Human Beings

  • The endocrine system is composed of several endocrine glands. A ductless gland is called endocrine gland.
  • Endocrine gland secretes its product directly into the bloodstream. Hormones are produced in the endocrine glands. It is also called Hormonal System .
  • Hormone is mainly composed of protein. Hormones assist the nervous system in control and coordination.
  • Nerves do not reach to every nook and corner of the body and hence hormones are needed to affect control and coordination in those parts. Moreover, unlike nervous control; hormonal control is somewhat slower.

Co-ordination in Plants

Unlike animals, plants do not have a nervous system. Plants use chemical means for control and coordination. Many plant hormones are responsible for various kinds of movements in plants.

Plant hormonal system

Plants have various hormones, which help to coordinate growth, development and response to the environment.  Hormones are the chemical compounds released by stimulated cells. Hormones diffuse all around the cell.

Auxins are the hormones synthesised at the tip of the stem.  These help the plant in  growth by cell elongation.
Gibberellins are hormones that help in the growth of the stem, seed germination, bolting, and flowering.
Cytokinins are hormones present in the areas of rapid cell division, such as fruits and seeds. They also promote the opening of the stomata.
Abscisic acid is a hormone that inhibits the growth in various parts.  It is also responsible for the closure of stomata.

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