Short Notes: Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate Geometry is a branch of geometry which sets up a definite correspondence between the position of a point in a plane and a pair of algebraic numbers called co-ordinates.

Cartesian plane

  • We require two perpendicular axes to locate a point in the plane. One of them is horizontal and other is Vertical
  • axis of a cartesian plane are called the coordinates axis.The horizontal axis is called x-axis and Vertical axis is called Y-axis.
  • The point of intersection of axis is called origin.
  • The distance of a point from y axis is called x – coordinate or abscissa and the distance of the point from x axis is called y – coordinate or Ordinate.
  • The x-coordinate and y – coordinate of the point in the plane is written as (x, y) for point and is called the coordinates of the point.
  • The Origin has zero distance from both x-axis and y-axis so that its abscissa and ordinate both are zero. So the coordinate of the origin is (0, 0).
  • A point on the x – axis has zero distance from x-axis so coordinate of any point on the x – axis will be (x, 0).
  • A point on the y – axis has zero distance from y-axis so coordinate of any point on the y – axis will be (0, y)

Four quadrants of cartesian plane


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