Strategy to prepare for Class 10 Science Board Exam

CBSE class 10th is the basis of further achievements in student’s life. A good result in the secondary examination to a great extent decides as which stream one has to choose for making a bright career. Even the science subjects are given to the students only if they can achieve good grades in class 10th board exams.Thus, it is necessary that students get a proper guidance and understanding in the study methods of class 10th subjects,

The most important thing that is needed for the CBSE board preparation is the regular practice and assessment in mathematics and science.

For chapter-wise Maths important Questions, click on the link given below:

Important Questions Maths for Class 10 Board Exams

Here are five things that the students must keep in mind to crack Class 10 CBSE Science Exam with flying colours!

1) Objective type questions: Section B can turn out to be the biggest boon or biggest bane . Be thorough with your record and go through atleast a minimum 100 MCQ questions from question banks and past papers. This is generally a high scoring area. A few tricky questions may pop up, relax and trsut your instinct while answering.

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2) Importance of NCERT: Be thorough with all the textbook sums (especially the worked out examples) in physics and Chemistry. To get access to all the important revision notes of Science, Click Here

  • This high-scoring subject also requires lesser time for preparation which is great news for the students.
  • Through in-depth study of the subject and extensive practice, speed and accuracy in solving different problems can be acquired.
  • Also, one must study the name reactions and make charts of formulae along with names and revise them as and when possible.

Be thorough with all the equations and processes.  maximum weightage will be given to Metals and Non metals and Carbon and its compounds lessons. In the periodicity lesson, be revise the models and theories proposed by various scientists, the reasons for their success and failure.

Chapter-wise most important science questions for Board Exams


  • You must get a grip on the fundamental concepts of the subject.
  • Majority of the exam contains direct formulae and theorem-based questions. Hence, revise them thoroughly to solve questions accurately.
  • You should use the formulae and theorems extensively in solving various problems from last years’ papers and model papers.

Give plenty of importance to the lens and mirrors ray diagrams and solenoid diagram. Circuit diagrams are another scoring area.

Chapter-wise important notes science (Physics) for Board Exams


  • As the subject includes lots of diagrams, one must give special attention to important diagrams and their theory. You should make sure that you remember the important terms and their respective functions.
  • The subject involves learning and memorising difficult terminology. It’s best to write such terms repeatedly so as to get acquainted with them.
  • One must be thorough with the important definitions as the subject is mostly theory.

Control and Coordination, Heredity and Evolution are the most important chapters. Generally the most easiest part of the science paper.

Chapter-wise most important science (Biology) questions for Board Exam

No need to consult any guides or reference books. Be very thorough with the NCERT textbook. Solve as many sample papers as possible. Learn the basic concepts well.

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