Summer Vacations Pledge – Let’s complete our syllabus and get one step ahead to become TOPPER of CLASS X BOARDS EXAMS

I used to wonder in my school days, How Rank-1 of my class knows everything before even teacher has discussed that topic in the class? How does he has such intelligent doubts? Here is the trick!!

Most of the class topper study and practice all the important topics in their summer vacation. They follow a disciplined schedule in vacations and make best use of the time. This makes them comfortable with all the difficult topics before its introduction in class.

Some benefits of covering all the important topics in Summer Vacations are:

  • It helps student to easily connect with teacher
  • Student gets a step ahead of other students
  • Most importantly, create interest in the topic
  • Always TOP the Class

How to Study?

Concept Learning Self-Assessment
Follow these steps to make learning simple:
1) For effective learning watch video lectures of the topic  made by our Eduacators (IIT DELHI Graduates)and go through NCERT 1) Solve Level-1 Test of the topic

  • If your score in Level-1 Test is not satisfactory
  • Your educator will help you understand the concept and make it easier for you
  •  Practice all the exercise questions and examples of NCERT
  • If time permits, Practice question from other books (Together with Science)
  • Don’t keep your doubts with you. Share it with your educator
2) Solve Level-2 and Level-3 Test of the topic

  • Your score at Level-2 and Level-3 depends on the number of questions you have practiced. More you practice, easier will be Level-2 test for you
  • You can solve doubts of Level-2 and Level-3 Test with your educator

STUDY PLAN – for Summer Vacations

Eckovation has taken an initiative to help you complete Class X Science syllabus in the coming summer vacation. You’ll find this schedule very useful once you promise below mentioned points:

  • Make a daily time table
  • Strictly follow the schedule
  • Follow instructions of the educator on the study group religiously
  • Details of study group: Download Eckovation app and Join GROUP CODE: 314582
  • For free learning Join Group Code: 854792
Chemistry Biology Physics
1 14 May, 2017 Chemical Reactions and Equations-1 Life Processes-1 Reflection
2 21 May, 2017 Chemical Reactions and Equations-2 Life Processes-2 Refraction
3 28 May,2017 Acid, Bases and Salts-1 Our Environment Human Eye and Colourful World
4 30 May, 2017 Chemical Reactions and Equations Life Processes Light
    Acid, Bases and Salts-1 Our Environment Human Eye and Colourful World
5 4 June,2017 Acid, Bases and Salts-2 Control and Coordination-1 Electricity-1
6 11 June,2017 Metals and Non-Metals-1 Control and Coordination-2 Electricity-2
7 18 June,2017 Metals and Non-Metals-2 How do organisms reproduce?-1 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current-1
8 25 June,2017 Carbon & It’s Compounds-1 How do organisms reproduce?-2 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current-2
9 30 June,2017 Metals and Non-Metals Control and Coordination Electricity
    Carbon & It’s Compounds-1 How do organisms reproduce? Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
10 9 July,2017 Carbon & It’s Compounds-2 Heredity and Evolution-1 Sources of Energy
11 16 July,2017 Periodic Classification of Elements-1 Heredity and Evolution-2 Management of Natural Resources
12 23 July,2017 Periodic Classification of Elements-2 Remaining topics
13 30 July,2017 Carbon & It’s Compounds-2 Heredity and Evolution Sources of Energy
    Periodic Classification of Elements   Management of Natural Resources
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