Summer Camp for School Students with IITians

We live in a world that is changing more rapidly than ever before. Children will face a continual stream of new issues and challenges in the future. Things that they learn today will be obsolete tomorrow. To thrive, they must learn to design innovative solutions. Their success and satisfaction will be based on their ability to think and act creatively. Knowledge alone is not enough; they must learn to use their knowledge.

Summer Camp: An Introduction to Engineering for School Students

The Introduction to Engineering course has been specially designed by team of IITians designed to provide students with a head start in the fascinating discipline of Engineering. During two months of captivating study, participants will go far beyond what they learn at school, in addition, skills sessions and group projects will help students develop key abilities for future success, including leadership, teamwork and presentation skills. The programme is suitable both for those seeking to gain exposure to the practical applications of recent technology and for those who aim to pursue further education in the field of Engineering Science.
The key components of the programme will be: Robotics; Game Development; Website Development; Android Development and Java Programming.


Hands on robotics training can be considered as an innovative method of teaching maths, physics and engineering to school students. Students can not only co-relate their theoretical concepts but can also develop strong fundamentals of coding and logic building.
The engaging, hands-on activities form the core of the Eckovation Robotics Course that allows children to plan, investigate and implement their ideas. They develop scientific enquiry and essential life skills as they learn on their journey of discovery.
What Students Will Learn during these Robotics Course:
  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Basic Electronic Components
  • Introduction to Microcontrollers
  • Interfacing of Sensors
  • Soldering
  • Robotic Arm using Hydraulics
  • Practical Learning
Following is the list of projects that the students can easily make after attending these advanced knowledge building robotics course:
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Remote controlled car
  • LED Display board
  • 8×8 LED cube
  • Anti collision robot
  • Intelligent home locking system
  • Intelligent water level management system

Website Development

School students in the web design course learn first-hand how websites are designed and created, and explore what makes a good user experience. Led by professional web designers, students discover the principles of successful UX (user experience) design, exercise creative project planning, create beautiful visual designs, and bring their designs to life in a final interactive website. No prior design or coding experience is necessary for this program.
The web design course also includes the basics of the language behind the web, HTML and CSS, along with planning and visual design aspects of web design. Web design course for high school and middle school students includes topics:
  • What makes a good website
  • Designing a great user experience
  • Structuring a website’s content
  • Principles of strong visual design
  • Typography on the web
  • Preparing images for the web
  • Creative problem-solving in web projects
  • Introduction to HTML and CSS

Java Programming Education

In the Intro to Java Programming course, students will get more than just an introduction to Java as they will develop skills and knowledge of programming workflows and essentials as they create their own games, apps, animations, or even develop their own projects.
What students will learn during this course:
  • How to use variables, loops, and conditionals
  • Learn about data types: strings, booleans, arrays, and more.
  • Gain an understanding of object-oriented programming.
  • Learn how to program algorithms and use them for creative problem solving
  • Program interactive graphics, art, games, animation special effects and audio

Android Development

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with knowledge, skills and competencies to be able to understand the tools, principles, patterns and best practices underlying Android development.
The course covers various topics, which will provide the students with the qualifications needed to:
  • Understand general mobile development principles
  • Projects in PhoneGap Course
  • Define responsive and interactive user interfaces.
  • Handle resources and persist data.
Master this awesome tool and you can just use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build mobile apps which run on all the mobile platforms.

Game Development

Game Development Plays As an Essential Tool in Modern Education: Apart from the gaming experience and leisure side, games and technology-based teaching tools play as the prime key in education. The 21st century type of learners dwell in advanced teaching tactics. This includes the aid of game development, media technology and interactive learning ways. Thus, Eckovation marries two important learning instruments: modern education and industry-ready facilities. E-learning and Science Simulations through games is one of the various teaching methods you can learn.
At the end of this course you will have developed the ability to create such game elements as:
  • A character to control
  • Collectibles such as coins, extra lives & extra health
  • Different types of enemies to combat
  • Dangers such as Spikes, Saws & moving platforms
  • User Interface with interactive menus
  • Multiple levels and a level select screen
  • A unique and challenging boss battle

How to Register for the Summer Camp for School Students?

To become an expert in the field of emerging technologies, one needs a platform where all their problems should be solved with clear concepts. At Eckovation, we begin all the courses from basics and help you build your own live projects.

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