5 Vedic Math’s Tricks to solve complex calculations easily

The old technique of Vedic Mathematics  is easy to understand and easy to apply and here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your mathematical skills. The video below shows how you can solve a complex multiplication I just 15 seconds.

Here are 5 tricks that will help you improve your calculation speed. These tricks are of great help for school students and students preparing for competitive examinations:

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Trick 1: Multiplication of any 3 digit numbers

Take any two numbers like 208 and 206
Now subtract the number at units place
Now select any number and add the unit digit of another number
Now multiply, 214×200=42800
Now multiply the unit digits of both numbers, 8×6=48
Add, 42800+48=42848
The product of the numbers 208 and 206 is 42848

Trick 2: Multiplication of any 2 digit numbers

Take 2 numbers like 17 and 19
Place the larger number(19) at the top and the 2nd digit of the smaller number(7) in the bottom.
Add 19+7=26, Then multiply 26×10=260
Now, multiply the units digit of both numbers, i.e., 7×9=63.
Add the two numbers, 260+63 and the answer is 323.

Trick 3: Squaring 2 digit numbers

Take any number such as 77. Now add or subtract the number to make it to its nearest multiple of 10.
In this case, add 3 to the number to reach the nearest 10, i.e., 77+3=80
Now, (77+3) x (77-3)=80 x 74=5920
The number add was 3. Now square the number and add it to the above product.
Square of 3=9

Trick 4: Multiplication of a number with 9’s

In this type of multiplication, the multiplier (9’s) and the multiplicand should have equal number of digits.
Take numbers as 567 and 999.
Subtract  567 by 1, 567-1=566
The complement of 567 (1000-567) is 433
Therefore the answer is 566433 (“566” “433”)

Trick 5: Multiplication of a number with 11

Put the number ‘0’ in front of the above number.
New number is 06632457
Now add,
7+5=12 (the 1 will get carry over)
4+5+1=10 (the 1 will get carry over)
6+6=12(the 1 will get carry over)
Therefore the answer=72957027

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