Visualizing Success – Key to SELF CONFIDENCE

We often admire people who have a good confidence and identity of oneself,  but it is not that some have and some don’t. The truth is, anyone can work on and boost their confidence, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Several factors can determine someone’s confidence, including genes, environment, and the choices that they make in life. Here are some ways to get through it.

Visualizing success: Belief is a powerful thing. It is very necessary that you have faith on your own capabilities before you doubt your efforts.

” More you start thinking about your goal, nearer you’re to your goal”

Accepting  your  mistakes: Everyone makes mistakes. Rarely does anyone “get it right” the first time. It’s far more important that you have the will to get up and try again to keep striving for better and better results.

Understanding the “growth” mindset: When you believe that your abilities and skills can grow and get better with extra, diligent practice, you have a “growth” mindset. This matters because this influences how you respond to challenges and setbacks. If you had a “fixed” mindset, you might simply give up.

All of these together means you grow more confident and as a person.

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