Why writing skills are important?


Writing is a way of learning, not an end in itself. 

Most of us find difficulty in writing. It is complicated, messy, non-linear process filled with false start. I myself had struggles in grappling with difficult topics. It is important to know that writing takes effort, don’t ever get discouraged by your pace or progress.

Writing is a process that helps us clarify ideas

It is often difficult to establish what we think before we have put it down in words. In many cases, we simply do not know what we want to say until we have tried to say it. But if we cannot decide what we want to say without writing and if we believe that we cannot write without a solid idea about what we want to say, we are in an obvious bind. For most of us, the best way out of this dilemma is to write.

Let’s say we’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about two connected issues without ever having been able to identify the exact nature of their relationship. When we write about this relationship, the demands of syntax will naturally encourage us to characterize the relationship more precisely. The text we create may be provisional, but it will still help to refine our thinking. Even if we are puzzled or surprised or disappointed by what we have written, we are still ahead of where we were before writing..

Key Points that will help you in framing your ideas

Most of the published articles that you see in newspapers and magazines follow this chronology:

    • Develop ideas – In the first few minutes, develop a flow chart (mind-frame) to all the idea you have in your mind. This will help you to have clarity on what you’re thinking and how you should connect all your points
    • Compose a draft – Now start drafting your ideas following the points you’ve written in mind-frame. When you start writing you’ll notice that many more ideas are coming in your  mind which you feel like embedding in original flow draft. This many a times breaks the flow of your draft. It is important to note that all the thinking process should be done while you’re making mind-frame and focus only on writing once you start drafting.
    • Get feedback and comments from others – Feedback of peers is of utmost help. This will help you in improving the quality of your draft.
    • Edit– Edit your draft based on the feedback of your peers.

So, write on….

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