Are you a professional in Mathematics..? Then prove yourself by solving below quiz

The area of a square is d. What is the area of the circle which has the diagonal of the square as its diameter?

What is the missing number in the following sequence? 2, 12, 60, 240, 720, 1440, _____, 0

In a party, 60% of the invited guests are male and 40% are female. If 80% of the invited guests attended the party and if all the invited female guests attended, what would be the ratio of males to females among the attendees in the party?

In the figure below, ∠DEC + ∠BFC is equal to ____________ .

In appreciation of the social improvements completed in a town, a wealthy philanthropist decided to gift Rs 750 to each male senior citizen in the town and Rs 1000 to each female senior citizen. Altogether, there were 300 senior citizens eligible for this gift. However, only 8/9th of the eligible men and 2/3rd of the eligible women claimed the gift. How much money (in Rupees) did the philanthropist give away in total?

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